Watch a LIVE video of a hatchling hawk in NYC.

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5-19-2011: Watch a LIVE video of a hatchling hawk.
Live From the Nest

A hatchling appeared May 6 in a red-tailed hawk nest on a 12th floor ledge outside of the office of the president of New York University.

Watch live streaming video from nytnestcam at

Hawk mother and hawk pip. New York City.

The baby hawk has a name.

Red (as in –tailed hawk), Aeriel (as in aerie and Shakespeare’s Ariel) and Archie (for the Washington Square Park arch) all fared reasonably well, each drawing 275 to 300 votes.

But the two front-runners left the rest of the pack in the dust. In the end, York, as in New, had to settle for second place with 519 votes. And the winner, felicitously combining references to Dickens, the royal wedding and the process of hatching itself, was Pip, with 522 votes.

……..If Pip were borrowed from the nest to be banded — two weeks is the customary age for such things — a sexing could easily be done, Mr. Kupchok said.
Read the story on The New York Times.

Will the State Department of Environmental Conservation band the hatchling? We will see!

Hawk and her baby. Photo by Erin Callihan, New York University.

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