Goose Watch. We love our geese and goslings. Prospect Park. Brooklyn, NYC.

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On July 8th 2010, the USDA killed 400 Canada Geese in Prospect Park. Brooklyn, New York City. The United States Department of Agriculture plans to kills thousand more. This land is their land, too. Help us to save the geese!

El 8 de Julio del 2010, USDA mato a 400 Gansos Canadienses en el Parque Prospect de Brooklyn, Nueva York. El Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos tiene planeado matar a miles mas. Esta tierra, también es de ellos. ¡Ayudanos a salvar a los gansos!

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The horrific goons who snuck into our peaceful park at night and massacred hundreds of helpless families of geese last year are back again. And this year they want to finish the job! During this crucial period from early June thru mid-July, Canada Geese molt (lose their
feathers, so they can’t fly) as well as hatch out their baby goslings. These geese mate for life and form extremely devoted, tender, and noble family units. One of these nights, while these geese are so vulnerable, the goon squad will return and surround those helpless families.

They will stuff them into CO2 chambers where they will meet a slow agonizing death — it will take up to a full 1/2 hour for their broken bodies to suffocate.

We have formed a legal vigil to keep watch outside the park. We plan to be there overnight every night to protect the geese. As soon we spot the goon squad we will immediately contact all our concerned neighbors to come out and show support for the geese.

If you would like to be on our mailing to stay further informed about this issue please email us your contact information. If you think you might like to be on our contact list to turn out when the goon squad comes, let us know.

We don’t want our park to ever be a killing ground again. And we love our geese and goslings.

Please tell all your friends and family about this.


The Members of GooseWatch
Facebook page: For the love of the geese in Prospect Park

Bebes gansos canadienses en el Parque Prospect. Brooklyn, Nueva York.

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Help us build an army of compassionate, informed Americans to stop the USDA from killing geese.

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