Rally and march in support of Jatiek Reed and Rahmarley Graham (PHOTOS).

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UPDATED on 5/23/2012

NY1 Exclusive: Video May Back Claims Bronx Teen’s Arrest Was Unfounded
“Exclusive video surveillance of an incident involving the arrest of a Bronx teen (Jateik Reed) back in January has at least two former members of the force agreeing with a growing number of calls for the DA to press charges against officers involved.

“Even if you don’t have 20/20 vision. Even if you have some substantial clarity, you can see quite clear there was nothing, there were no bags in Jateik Reed’s hands,” said Reed’s attorney, Michael Warren.

Officers swore they witnessed bags of crack and marijuana being carried by Reed. In the criminal complaint one officer is quoted as saying, “He observed the defendant to have on his person, in his hand, one (1) clear plastic bag containing a white, rock-like substance, which he threw to the ground. In his hand, two (2) clear plastic bags, each containing a dried green leafy substance with a distinctive odor, in public view.”

Surveillance video from a nearby building shows Reed walking with his hands out, no drugs in view. John Eterno, a retired New York City Police Department captain, says it appears Reed shouldn’t have been stopped.

The Bronx district attorney later dropped the charges. As for the claims of hitting and kicking by police, the same criminal complaint said, “The defendant flailed his arms, refusing to be handcuffed at which time the defendant struck informant (the officer) in his nose with a closed fist.”

It does appear Reed tried to get away. But on the video he does not throw a punch. Still, after the melee starts, an officer appears to be checking his nose. Also in the exclusive surveillance video, a female officer walks over and kicks Reed while he’s handcuffed.”


On Saturday, February 4, 2012, New yorkers rallied and marched in the Bronx to protest the beating of Jateik Reed by four NYPD police officers and the murder of Rahmarley Graham by another NYPD police officer. Today was also the 13th anniversary of the NYPD murder of Amadou Diallo.

On Thursday, January 26th, Jateik Reed, 19, was beaten by Sgt. Mervin Montalban and Officers Alfonsina Delacruz, Jodi Brown and Robert Jaquez and arrested on false charges. Jateik is now being held at Rikers Island. Reed’s mother, brother and friend went to the local police precinct to ask about the arrest, and they were arrested, as well. The Bronx district attorney and the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the actions of the officers. Jateik Reed’s family also hired a civil attorney and plans to sue the city, the New York City Police Department and all the officers involved in the recorded incident (see video bellow).

On Thursday, February 2, 2012, Rahmarley Graham, 18, was killed by a police officer in his apartment. They shot him in the bathroom. Constance Malcolm, mother of Rahmarley said that the teen’s grandmother and 6-year-old brother were inside his home at the time of the shooting and they saw everything. The boy was unarmed. Police said they did not find a gun in the house. The officer that killed the teen is part of the Narcotics Unit, he is 30 years old and joined the NYPD in 2008. New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said, his department is not identifying the officer and his Sgt. (see video bellow).

Jateik and his family will appear Monday, February 6, 2012 at 9am in Bronx Supreme Court, Part B, 265 East 161st Street Bronx, NY 10451.
Jateik, his family, and community supporters outraged about police brutality and racism are calling on people of conscience to stand with them tomorrow in court and moving forward. Jateik’s bail is set at 10,000 cash, 30,000 bond. MAKE A DONATION. to cover bail, medical and legal expenses in defense of Jateik Reed.
Jateik will be represented by veteran civil rights lawyer Michael Tarif Warren and Gideon Orion Oliver, President of the New York City Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.
UPDATE: Jateik was freed on 2/6/2012.

Friends of Rahmarleyask you to join them this Monday, February 6 at 4pm on 229th and white plains road in a peaceful rally to protest the killing of 18 year old Ramarley by NYPD last Thursday, Feb. 2nd. Officers shot and killed Ramarley in his own home even though he was unarmed! Reverent Al Shaprton and Minister Farrakahn will be amoung some of the speakers that will be present for this rally. Please bring a candle in support.

ACLU – Know Your Rights: What To Do If You’re Stopped By Police, Immigration Agents or the FBI.
We rely on the police to keep us safe and treat us all fairly, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin or religion. This card provides tips for interacting with police and understanding your rights.

Bernard Walker, father of Jatiek Reed at the rally/press conference. Four NYPD police officers beated his son. A officer tried to pepper spray the man filming.

El Sabado, 4 de Febrero, 2012, los New Yorkinos se reunieron y marcharon por las calles del Bronx para protestar por la golpiza que cuatro policías le dieron al adolescente de 19 años, Jateik Reed, el día Jueves, 26 de Enero. También por el asesinato del adolescente de 18 años, Rahmarley Graham, el día Jueves, 2 de Febrero por parte de un oficial de policía de la Ciudad de Nueva York.

2/4/2012. Bronx, New York City – Rally in support of Jateik Reed and Rahmarley Graham. In this picture, Schuan Reed, the mother of Jatiek crying.

2/4/2012. Protesters starting the march to the 45 precinct in the Bronx, NYC..
Los manifestantes empezando la marcha.

2/4/2012. Bronx, NYC - Rally and march in support of Jateik Reed and Rahmarley Graham. A protesters holding a sign, "Take back the Bronx"

A protester holding a sign that says, "FIRE RAY KELLY" (NYPD Commissioner).

"Justice for Jateick and Rahmarley"
“Justice for Jateik Reed (Justicia para Jateik Reed”).

protesters in front of the 45 precinct police station. "Justice for Jatiek Reed. Free him".
“Justice for Jateik Reed. Free him (Justicia para Jatiek Reed. Dejenlo en libertad”.

"Keep NYPD your hands off our kids"
(“NYPD quiten sus manos de nuestros jovenes”).

2/4/2012. Bronx, NYC - Rally and march in support of Jateik Reed and Rahmarley Graham.
Una manifestante durante la marcha por las calles del Bronx, Nueva York.

Demonstrators at 149 Street and 3rd Ave.
Manifestantes en la esquina de la 149 St y 3rd Ave.

2/4/2012. Bronx, NYC - Rally and march in support of Jateik Reed and Rahmarley Graham. A protesters holding a sign, "Occupy Wall Street".
Un manifestante cargando un anuncio que dice: “Occupy Wall Street”.

Sgt. Shamar Thomas holding a sign. "There is no honor in police brutality".
Sgt. Shamar is a Marine Corps veteran who attended the Occupy Times Square protest on Oct. 15 and confronted police officers for using excessive force on peaceful protesters.

Parents of Jatiek Reed.
Padres, amigos, vecinos de Jatiek.

4 NYPD police officers in the Bronx beating Jateik Reed. One officer tried to pepper spray the man filming. IT’S LEGAL TO FILM THE POLICE. Why he wanted to pepper spray the man videotaping them?

Video about Rahmarley Graham. He was murdered by a NYPD police officer.

Rahmarley Graham, an 18 year old boy was shot and killed by the NYPD in his Bronx home on E229th street. Community members, Assemblyman Eric Stevenson, and retired NYPD detective, Chuck Berkely rallied in solidarity against police brutality and “Stop and Frisk”.

Police brutality rally in Melrose Commons section of the Bronx ended in a March by Community Residents.

“On Saturday, February 4, 2012, the community of the South Bronx showed solidarity and support for the family’s and victims of recent police brutality attacks, Jateik Reed and Ramarley Graham. The protesters marched from 161st Street and Third Avenue, to the 42nd Precinct where the public let officers know how upset they were about the officers only being subjected to desk duty pending an investigation of their crimes. From there, the march took an unexpected turn when protesters took Third Avenue as they marched toward Reed’s block to show solidarity with his family and friends.”_LatinAngelous

Occupy the Bronx, the organizers say, “The beating of Jateik Reed and the murder of Rahmarley Graham are just two more examples of Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly’s failed policy of harassing, incarcerating and murdering our Black and Latino youth and we, the community must stop them.
Enough Police Brutality in our communities! We demand justice for Jateik, Rahmarley, and all victims of police violence! It is time to fight back!”

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