You don’t have to be vegan to be against animal cruelty (VIDEOS).


Wednesday, August 22, 2012. New York City – You don’t have to be vegan to be against animal cruelty. Watch the videos.

You don’t have to be gay to support gay rights.
You don’t have to be a woman to support women rights.
You don’t have to be vegan to support animal rights.

No tienes que ser vegetariano para estar en contra de la crueldad a los animales.
No tienes que ser gay para apoyar los derechos de los gays.
No tienes que ser mujer para apoyar los derechos de las mujeres.
No tienes que ser vegetariano para apoyar los derechos de los animales.

No tienes que ser vegetariano para estar en contra de la crueldad a los animales.

“Westside Livery Stables located at 538 West 38 Street in New York City. Horses are “stored” on the upper floors where they must climb up steep ramps only to be crammed into tiny, filthy stalls. Westside Livery’s idea of a ventilation system consists of holes punched in the sides of the building combined with rickety old ceiling fans. Note the broken windows. Bet you thought this was a condemned building, didn’t you?”_Carriage Horse Cruelty

This is where NYC carriage horses live.
“This is what NYC Carriage Horses call home. These majestic animals must climb steep ramps only to be crammed into tiny, filthy stalls- after working 9 hour days in all sorts of weather, dodging traffic and breathing in fumes.”_Mary Beth Purdy- Artz

Learn more about carriage horses in New York City on the website of The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages. This is a standing committee of the Coalition for New York City Animals, Inc.

According to ABCNews, “Federal inspectors have temporarily shut down a California meat company that provided beef for the popular In-N-Out Burger chain and the U.S. school lunch program, saying there was evidence of “egregious, inhumane handling and treatment of livestock.”

The federal action came Monday after inspectors viewed an undercover video made at the Central Valley Meat Company in Hanford, California over two weeks last month by an investigator for the animal rights group, Compassion Over Killing.”

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Feds: Animals Abused at School Beef Supplier

This is a longer video:

An undercover video, filmed by a Compassion over killing investigator, exposes rampant animal abuse and suffering inside Central Valley Meat Co. (CVM), a slaughterhouse in Hanford, California. CVM is a major supplier to the USDA’s National School Lunch Program and other federal food initiatives. In-N-Out Burger, Costco, and McDonald’s Also Sever Ties.

ABCNews reports that “As the world’s largest Tennessee Walking Horse competition kicks off today in Shelbyville, Tennessee, there will be unprecedented inspections of the horses to check for signs of the abuse that has brought much recent scrutiny to the sport.

The intensified inspections come in the wake of an ABC News “Nightline” investigation that highlighted undercover video shot by the Humane Society of the United States showing one of the sport’s leading trainers beating horses with sticks and electric cattle prods and applying painful chemicals to the horses’ ankles as part of a training program to encourage the high-stepping gait that wins awards.

The investigation, which aired in May, found that large numbers of the famed Walking Horses have been subjected to “soring,” the application of caustic chemicals to their legs to make them raise their feet higher, as well as other forms of abuse. “Soring” is banned by the federal Horse Protection Act.”

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Torture of Tennessee Walking Horses?

“A new Mercy For Animals investigation is pulling back the curtains on the largest dairy factory farm in New York State Willet Dairy in Locke.

In early 2009 an MFA undercover investigator worked at the mega-dairy, secretly documenting egregious acts of animal cruelty, including neglect, with a hidden camera.

Evidence gathered during the investigation reveals:

* Cows with bloody open wounds, prolapsed uteruses, pus-filled infections, and swollen joints, apparently left to suffer without veterinary care

* “Downed” cows those too sick or injured to even stand left to suffer for weeks before dying or being killed

* Workers hitting, kicking, punching, and electric-shocking cows and calves

* Calves having their horns burned off without painkillers, as a worker shoved his fingers into the calves’ eyes to restrain them

* Calves having their tails cut off a painful practice condemned by the American Veterinary Medical Association as cruel and unnecessary

* Newborn calves forcibly dragged away from their mothers by their legs, causing emotional distress to both mother and calf

* Cows living in overcrowded sheds on manure-coated concrete flooring

* Workers injecting cows with a controversial bovine growth hormone, used to increase milk production.”

Got milk? Disturbing Reality of Dairy Land