OWS protesters occupy the United Nations (VIDEOS).


Thursday, September 20th, 2012. New York City – A group of Occupy Wall Street protesters started sleeping tonight at chase bank 1united nation plaza in front of the United Nations.

According to a ruling made on METROPOLITAN COUNCIL, INC. v. SAFIR in 2000, activists are allow to sleep on the sidewalks. This is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

"We are here for you" OWS 99%. This photo was taken on 9/17/2012.

Abijah Carollan said on Facebook, “Due to the alarming rate of civilian deaths via drone strikes and un approved wars in Syria, Libya and Afghanistan coupled with the in unending greed of shareholders and banks making this possible #sleepcells have made a new encampment at the united nations at chase bank 1united nation plaza. We intend to highlight the murderous regime that is our government through sleepful protest. You can come and join us here or watch it on livestream on occupiedair. Stay updated by texting @sleepcells to 23559.”

Occupiedair LIVE

Some videos recorded live

A NYPD officer came and told them they should be there because its the UN. Protesters know their rights. The officers leaved.
The same officer came back and told them, they need a permit. Activist explained to him that they do not need a permit. Officers leaved again.
A white shirt officer came and asked them how many people expect tonight.

For more information go to #sleepcell on Facebook.

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