“My Immigration Status”: Canción bilingue del DREAMer (soñador) Chico Mendez (VIDEO).

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Viernes, 21 de Septiembre, 2012. Ciudad de Nueva York – El 13 de Septiembre, Chico, un DREAMer (en Español soñador), subió un video a Youtube de una canción que él mismo escribió e interpreta, y en tan solo unos días, miles de personas lo han visto.

Artist: Chico
Song: My Immigration Status
Music and Video Recording : Enye Music and P.K.U Beats Germany
Copyrights for Song: Chico

DREAMer (soñador) Chico Mendez.

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El Jueves, 20 de Septiembre, Chico escribió este mensaje en Youtube:
“Gracias a todos de los que me apoyan!y gracias a mis haters! que sin ellos la cancion no tendria tanto pege :DYo e sufrido vastante para que me afecte cualquier commentario de alguin que no conosco.Estoy encantado que? esta cancion a tocado los corazones de mucha gente! es mi vida como un dreamer desde los 4 anos. la de nuestros padres que an sufrido para darnos una mejor vida!No hago rap para ser celebre, o fumo, o quiero ser un pandillero, solo quiero con mi musica habrir los ojos de milliones.”

On Thursday, September 20th, Chico wrote this message on Youtube:
“Thanks everyone for the support !! (:? and thanks to my haters as well! Without yall the word would not spread as fast either! 😀 Im glad this song has made so many ppl cry and touched so many hearts. Its my life as a Dreamer here from a young age. 4 the parents and immigrants that have fought the struggles of racism for a better life for your kids!!! Im not here 2 have swag,smoke weed,or be a gangster.Im not here 2 be a celebrity either.Im just here 2 tell what many ppl dont say… the truth!”

DREAMer (soñador) Chico Mendez: "My Immigration Status"

Algunos de los comentarios en su canal son:

“Gracias por este video. Yo tambien soy indocumentada. Sigamos luchando.”_AskAngy

“Te aventaste con este video! Gave me tha chills n really teared up…. sigamos luchando!!! Don’t bother ppl to answer to the comments of ignorant ppl. They will never understand! ! This is our story…”_SaucedoDGOm

“O K, I was born in Mexico, & brought up in the USA. And yes I came over Legally. So why not YOU!”_iao95032

“Great song man!. Look contact me my uncle is a producer maybe i can hook you up. my uncle said you got potential. good job and keep it up.”_TheRonaldo7179

“Love this song it’s very moving and I just wish more people “American People” would just open the borders and let our people come over and make a better life for their families, cause when Dios created us he created us all equal and the government has forgotten about that 🙁 “_mizzsias10

“Sorry to hear all the stuff that happens because of bigotry …just a question Azteca I really hope that is the Team because no one is Azteca anymore …just crioyos ….hope all gets better for the whole word not just ya’ll.”_uniquelymystical

DREAMer (soñador) Chico Mendez.

Chico wrote this message on his Youtube channel: “Well to start off my name is Chico. I am a Mexican/American rapper that lives in Oklahoma. I been in the rap buisness for awhile but it hasnt been till now in 2012 that i will release my first album. I rap usually about life, story, my life, the goverment , raw hip hop, and many other things. I can rap in both languages so thats talent that i have always tried to explode. any questions just ask.”

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