Stories of volunteers helping people affected by Sandy (VIDEOS).


Sunday, November 4, 2012. New York City – Stories of volunteers in NYC. They have been helping different areas affected by Sandy.

(I will keep updating this list of volunteers.)

Different non-profit organizations in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan and members of the Occupy Wall Street Movement are helping residents in New York City affected by Sandy.
This is a list of organizations/groups/places where you can make donations or volunteer. Occupy Leads Relief Efforts In Powerless Red Hook.
“Today has been hell,” said Zoltán Glück, an Occupy-er and CUNY student organizer. “We’ve had hundreds of people filling out forms.”

“It’s very third-world,” said Laura Papadimitropoulos, a pediatric emergency-medicine physician working as a volunteer medic. “I worked in a clinic in Honduras, and it was exactly like this.” She was sending Rick Malo, an emergency nurse from Bethlehem, PA, who volunteered in New Orleans after Katrina, as a medical runner to about 100 homebound people. “This is an already needy area,” he said, “that is now higher-need.” Occupy Wall Street Leads Way in Sandy Relief
Catherine McBride, a volunteer with Occupy Sandy, told the Huffington Post, “I think the key is connecting people to a tangible thing, because everyone wants to help out. Just telling people to go and do this, and then they’ll do it.”

NY1 Political Director Bob Hardt reports on Sandy’s arrival and aftermath from his home on the Rockaway Beach peninsula.
“The other striking thing today was the rush of volunteers from other parts of the city, who were helping out people in the neighborhood. Strangers asked me if I needed help and while I didn’t take them up on my offer, a friend who lives nearby managed to get her basement cleaned out by two total strangers. Two men with a mini-van filled with lentil soup asked me where they should distribute it. These volunteers have been more present and forceful in offering help in Rockaway Beach than groups like the Red Cross.”

Occupy Sandy Recovery: Far Rockaway Nov 3, 2012
Volunteer Sofia Gallisá Muriente talks about an encounter with the military, the police and the other adventures. YANA Community Center B113 Rockaway Beach Blvd. Working with Occupy Sandy in Far Rockaway, which saw some of the worst damage in the hurricane in NYC. A massive fire burned to the ground 120 buildings and homes. The houses that weren’t burnt, were flooded. The projects lost their electricity. They still have no electricity, day 5. Many people in need. Red Cross no where to be seen.

Occupy Sandy Recovery: Far Rockaway Nov 3, 2012 II
Michelle Cortez, a resident of Far Rockaway, tells about her first hand experience with being there during and after the storm. Occupy Sandy is a coalition of people who have come together to help people who have been getting no aid, now day 5, they are still without electricity, their homes are destroyed or full of muddy toxic water. A few friends got together and decided to try to do something to help those people unfortunate enough to be in the path of the hurricane. It blew up. We now have thousands of volunteers delivering hot meals, distributing needed goods to the people who need it.
Manuel Roque vive en el área. También esta ayudando a los damnificados en Far Rockaway.
We have started helping people clean up and rebuild their community. Wont you come join us to?

Larry Lewis, Len Lopate and other runners from the NYC marathon 2012, ran and rode their bikes from Grand Army Plaza to Coney Island to help people affected by Sandy.

Sarah Hartmann, co-founder of the “NYC Marathon Of Relief Effort 2012, Larry Lewis, Marissa Hiruma and other volunteers in Far Rockaway. Queens, New York City.

“On November 4, 2012, a few days into Hurricane Sandy relief work, Occupy Sandy, a grassroots direct aid offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement, set up a new distribution hub of food, clothes and supplies in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY, at St. Gertrude Parish on Beach 38th St. The location, size and spirit of the church made it particularly well-suited to serve as a clearinghouse to help support all the people of the Rockaways hit particularly hard by Sandy and still without electricity, heat or running water.
?Around noon, two National Guard trucks arrived and asked if they could drop off their supplies at the church. A human chain to bring in the much-needed supplies began to form instantaneously between Occupy organizers, military soldiers, police officers, emergency workers, Far Rockaway locals and volunteers from all over New York City and beyond – men, women and children – working together with a shared spirit of compassion and determination.?

Nov 8, 2012
Nik, nurse practitioner, describes the work they are doing at the new medical clinic across the street from the YANA Community Center. B113 & Rockaway Beach Park Blvd.

Nov 9, 2012 – Josh from Greenpeace gives the low down on the way greenpeace is helping to build a strong community hub for disaster recovery in Far Rockaway, Queens.

11/11/2012 – Monica Hunken: “I’ve fallen in love with one particular block in Rockaway. Beach 86. Almost every day I check in with the community, knock on doors and work to clean their homes. the other day i worked with an unbelievably warm Jamaican family. Afterwards I told a neighbor how we laughed and sang Marvin Gay all day while tearing down sheet rock and the woman replied, “yes that’s our secret. We cry at night.” Mike, from the Jamaican family explained to me over dinner why he was quieted when we came into their house offering our services. He said their family has always been on the other side, doing relief work in New Orleans, Haiti and others. When he saw us, he was humbled by his position now and how easily life can shift and topple any sense of stability you once knew.
I do not see this work as help or volunteerism. We do it because we are creating this world together. and when some of our brothers and sisters are suffering, we all are suffering and we are all implicated with the cause and end of the suffering. Every day I am filled with renewed love and hope; not because i am “helping victims” but because I am working side by side with courageous human beings as we build our future together from the mud and the ashes.”

Day 5 after hurricane Sandy. Diego Ibañez, organizer for occupy sandy recovery project in Far Rockaway in a night time meeting at YANA Community Center B113. Rockaway Beach Blvd.

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