New York City: “Walk for the Children of Syria” (PHOTOS/VIDEOS).


Saturday, November 17th, 2012. New York City – According to the organizers, “The walk was a nationwide event to raise awareness about the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria and generate vital funds for children suffering under the dictatorship of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.”

People gathered in front of the United Nations (Dag Hammarskjold Plaza) and then walked to the Syrian Consulate-General and the Consulate General of Israel.

"Syria's children need saving"

The new flag of Syria.

Organizers said on Facebook: “His regime has launched a brutal crackdown for 16 months to suppress an uprising for freedom, dignity and democracy.

Thousands of children in Syria have become victims of the indiscriminate attacks characterizing the regime’s bloody crackdown. Brutal crimes have claimed the lives of over 1,800 children, forcing more than one hundred thousand families to flee their homes seeking safety in neighboring countries. Some estimates put the number of internally displaced at more than one million. Escalating violence against civilians in Syria has forced thousands of traumatized children to live in refugee camps surrounded by barbed-wire fences waiting and wondering when they can return to their normal lives. Each one of them has lost someone or something–a parent, a sibling, a friend, and/or a home.”

The rally and walk was in collaboration with committee of the Syrian Revolution Northeast Coordination Committee
Human Rights General Committee, SAG, Hand-in-hand, ETF,Sawsaia, SAC, Syria First, SAD, NAFS.

The Syrian Consulate-General in NYC.
"Save Syria's children" " wanted (Bashar al-Assad) criminal" This is in front of the Israeli Consulate.

Video from the rally and march.

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