Occupy Wall Street (PHOTOS/VIDEOS).


“Occupy Wall Street is a people-powered movement that began on September 17, 2011 in Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District, and has spread to over 100 cities in the United States and actions in over 1,500 cities globally. #ows is fighting back against the corrosive power of major banks and multinational corporations over the democratic process, and the role of Wall Street in creating an economic collapse that has caused the greatest recession in generations. The movement is inspired by popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, and aims to fight back against the richest 1% of people that are writing the rules of an unfair global economy that is foreclosing on our future.” MORE INFO.

9/17/2012 - Occupy Wall Street. 1 year anniversary. Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park). New York City.

Tim Cast. LIVE streamer

Timothy Pool is an American journalist from Chicago, Illinois. His unique 21-hour marathon reporting earned him fame during the Occupy Wall Street protests. Utilizing a unique style of first-hand reporting and insightful commentary, Pool’s reputation spread quickly across social and mainstream media. Pool broadcasts using a smartphone and an external battery.

Occupy eye. LIVE streamer

Occupy Eye: “currently covers all things occupy and related progressive activism. My name is Nate, and I have been an occupy streamer since mid-October 2011, creating this particular channel in March 2012. I have reported on countless actions, events including the raids on the Occupy DC camps on February 4th and 5th, and have helped protesters legally through the filming of their arrests and non-violent actions leading to them.”

OccupiedAir. LIVE streamer

“OccupiedAir is an independent news team reporting from protests & the peoples movement across the United States. We provide live coverage of events from #OWS actions in New York City to the Upcoming Presidential Elections To Activist Reform Efforts Across The Nation. We’ve got the upcoming Republican & Democratic Conventions in Our Sights!!! & We’re looking forward to the 1yr reunion of OWS. Dedicated to Bringing You The Unfiltered Face Of Reality ~ We as a revolving group of street reporters/citizen journalists are commited to unbiased, objective reporting, and will continue to support active causes, real solutions & the peoples movement until justice is served & common sense prevails.”

JRozLive. LIVE streamer.

Saturday, September 17th, 2011. Day 1 of Occupy Wall Street. “All day, all week, occupy wall street”
Video del primer día que la gente se reunió en Manhattan, Nueva York. El Sabado 17 de Septiembre, 2011, fue el día del nacimiento de Ocupa Wall Street.

I AM NOT MOVING – all ages version. A short Occupy Wall Street documentary. Credits: shot by you the people, edited by Corey Ogilvie.
(YO NO ME MUEVO. Un corto documental sobre los primeros dias del Movimiento Ocupa Wall Street y la represión de la policía.)

MORE EVENTS on Occupy Wall Street Facebook page.

“Es un grupo de afinidad con el movimiento Ocupa Wall Street, uno de varios proyectos de media, cuyo objetivo es servir de enlace con la comunidad latina en EEUU y el mundo hispano. Ademas de éste portal cibernetico habrá una edición impresa del periódico próximamente.
INDIGNación es hecho posible gracias a los esfuerzos de decenas de voluntarios y contribuidores alrededor del mundo. Es un proyecto afiliado a occupiedmedia.us”

Occupy Together
“Occupy Together is a hub for all of the events springing up across the world in solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. movement. As we followed the news on facebook, twitter, and the various live feeds across the internet, we felt compelled to build a site that would help spread the word as more demonstrations were spreading across the country. We hope to provide people with information about events that are organizing, ongoing, and building across the U.S. and world as we, the 99%, take action against the greed and corruption of the 1%.” READ MORE.

Occupy Educate
This is an emergency response to the destruction of the library at Occupy Wall Street, a clear attempt to destroy the education of passionate people who are tired of living in a deeply flawed system.
Just as the library was a collection of donated books, OccupyEducated.org is a place where you can have your say as to what books are important reading for understanding the occupation. MORE INFO.

Who is the 99%? Very simple, if you are not a millionaire then you are part of the 99%. Some people of the 1% support the 99%.

USA, “la mejor democracia del mundo”, donde las corporaciones/Wall Street compran a los politicos, incluyendo Obama.
Todas/os somos afectadas/os por esto. Tienes el poder para cambiar las cosas. ¡Participa!

I do not know who made this but it's beautiful.

Mainstream Media

Countdown with Keith Olbermann
“Countdown” is LIVE Weeknights at 8/7c on Current TV.
“Current TV is the new home of the unmistakable, thought-provoking and independent voice that is “Countdown.”

Democracy Now!
“A national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Pioneering the largest public media collaboration in the U.S.”

The Young Turks
“The Young Turks is The Largest Online News Show in the World.”

Links to articles
New York Times – Nadler Wants Police Activity at Wall St. Protests Scrutinized.
“Representative Jerrold Nadler, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution and representative of the district that includes Zuccotti Park, sent a letter to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Tuesday urging him to examine reports of police misconduct at the Occupy Wall Street protests.”

An Open Letter from America’s Port Truck Drivers on Occupy the Ports
“We have been elected by committees of our co-workers at the Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle, Tacoma, New York and New Jersey to tell our collective story. We have accepted the honor to speak up for our brothers and sisters about our working conditions despite the risk of retaliation we face.”

Truthout – Occupy Wall Street Hunger Strikers
“Three Wall Street occupiers, including Diego, began a hunger strike Saturday (December 3rd), demanding that Trinity Church lend a vacant lot it owns to Occupy Wall Street. The protest, recently dispossessed of Zuccotti Park, which had been its home for nearly two months, wants a temporary plot elsewhere, and is petitioning Trinity to let it use its land on Canal Street and 6th Avenue at Duarte Square.”

ThisCantBeHappening.net – We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Press Passes
“The First Amendment right to gather news is, as the Court has often noted, not one that inures solely to the benefit of the news media; rather, the public’s right of access to information is coextensive with that of the press.”- United States Court of Appeals For the First Circuit, August 26, 2011

Rose Aguilar, Truthout – Small Occupy Movements Across the Country Accumulate Victories
“Demonstrators don’t have nicely packaged sound bites; there’s no go-to spokesperson; Occupy DC is one of the last camps standing. But the movement is far from dead.”

Alternet by Sara Jaffe – The 99% Versus Wall Street: Stephen Lerner on How We Can Mobilize To Be the Greedy 1%’s Worst Nightmare.
Earlier this year, long before Occupy Wall Street turned Zuccotti Park into Liberty Plaza, Stephen Lerner, a longtime labor organizer with SEIU and mastermind of the Justice for Janitors campaign, wrote in New Labor Forum of “large-scale sit-ins, occupations, and other forms of nonviolent civil disobedience that must inevitably overcome court injunctions and political pressures.”

The Dissenter. By Kevin Gosztola – Filming the police at Occupy Wall Street protests.
“Filming the police has never been so important. Now is also the best time, if there ever was one, to put your body on the line and film the police, even if they don’t want you there. The very act of them challenging your right to film or to exercise freedom of the press will get attention. It will go out all over social media and people will know how you were abused, arrested, mistreated, mocked or obstructed.”

The Nation – Why Now? What’s Next? Naomi Klein and Yotam Marom in Conversation About Occupy Wall Street.
Naomi Klein is a journalist, activist and author of The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism and No Logo. She writes a syndicated column for The Nation and The Guardian. Yotam Marom is a political organizer, educator, and writer based in New York. He has been active in the Occupy Wall Street Movement, and is a member of the Organization for a Free Society. This conversation was recorded in New York City.

New Federal Lawsuit Filed Against NYPD for Occupy Arrests
PCJF Challenges Unlawful Police Tactics, Sidewalk Arrests, Orange Netting Corral
“The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) has filed a federal lawsuit today (9/21/2012) in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York challenging the New York Police Department’s use of sidewalk arrests in which persons are targeted for false arrest based on their association with or proximity to dissent and protest. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of individuals who were falsely arrested on September 24, 2011 in the first week of the Occupy Wall Street movement, including one plaintiff who was subject to Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna’s notorious pepper spray attack on peaceful demonstrators.”

Official Occupy Wall Street thank you video:


A gripping portrait of the “Occupy Wall Street” media revolution, #whilewewatch is the first definitive film to emerge from Zuccotti Park – with full access and cooperation from masterminds who made #OccupyWallStreet a reality.
The #OccupyWallStreet media team had no fear of a critical city government, big corporations, hostile police, or a lagging mainstream media to tell their story. Through rain, snow, grueling days, sleeping on concrete; they pump out exhilarating ideas to the world. Fueled with little money, they rely on the power of Twitter, texting, Wi-Fi, posters, Tumblr, live streams, YouTube, Facebook, dramatic marches, drumbeats and chants. As the film unfolds, we witness a new dawn with the power of social media.

The Rolling Jubilee
A bailout of the people by the people.
We buy debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, we abolish it. We cannot buy specific individuals’ debt – instead, we help liberate debtors at random through a campaign of mutual support, good will, and collective refusal.

Occupy America: From New York to Califronia. From Wall Street to Main Street.


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