My partner, My Teacher, My Friend (PHOTOS).

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Updated on 7/14/2015 at 7:25am

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Monday, July 13, 2015. New York City – I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on Tuesday, July 7, 2015, and while I was there, I started thinking about what I wrote later that day and the following days. I share with you some of what I wrote:

My Partner, My Teacher, My Friend
by Javier Soriano

Walking in the garden
Walking in the park
Rose pictures, taking pictures
Beautiful flowers.

Remembering my partner
I let my partner go
I take my partner back
Where are you? I miss you!

The sky is blue
The clouds are full
Raining, it’s raining!
Thank you, thank you!

Cooking chicken today
Cooking turkey another day
My partner taught me
How to cook with love.

My mother lied to me
Your father lied to you
My parents abandoned me
Your parents abandoned you

Dysfunctional, my family was
Dysfunctional, your family was
My parents had childhood wounds
Your parents had childhood wounds.

You lied to me
I lied to you
Lying, using a mask
Does everybody lies sometimes?

My inner child, your inner child
My inner pain, your inner pain
My demons, your demons
My Angels, your Angels.

I forgive my mother
I forgive myself
I forgive my father
I forgive my partner.

The pain is too strong
“The Kid” movie is powerful
My inner child is lonely
Comforting him now.

Angry at my father
Angry at my ex-partner
Angry at my mother
Angry at myself.

Forgiving the past
Letting go, I am learning
I was a victim as a child
But not anymore.

Healing my childhood wounds
My father was doing the best he could
My mother was doing the best she could
They were victims when they were children, too.

Forgiving meditation
Positive affirmations
Praying to my God
Writing to my inner child.

I am love, I am peace
I am healing myself right now
Healing myself right now
I am safe, I am victorious.

Forgive me mother
Father, forgive me
Forgive me ex-partner
Inner child, forgive me.

Love is powerful
Learning to love myself as I am
Love is healing
I love myself just as I am.

I lost a partner, I gained a Teacher
I lost a partner, I gained a Friend
I lost a partner, I gained a Comrade
I lost a partner, I gained a Brother.

Araceli Soriano, I love you!
Jorge Soriano, I love you!
Maria Cohetero, I love you!
Crisogono Soriano, I love you!

Iyanla, McDonald, Louise, David, Thich, Thank you!
Teodoro, Jacks, Nora, Jerry, Dawn, Thank you!
Morrin, Antonio, William, Joe, Pema, Thank you!
Asha, Mark, Andres, Miguel, bell, God, Thank you!

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