Save the Geese

Video of the tribute to the geese at Tupper’s Gala. Prospect Park. Brooklyn, NYC. 4-2-2011.

Welcome to my blog. This is my first post. I want to dedicate it to the Geese of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NYC and the Geese around the world that are being harassed, bullied and killed by the government and just regular people.

In 2010, all the Geese (400) in PP (prospect Park) were killed by the City of New York. Mayor Bloomberg may wants to kill our Geese in 2011 again.

Some people that go to the park harass the wild animals. People also leave their garbage everywhere. If you are a parent teach your kids to love animals, not to harass them.  When we go to a park, we are going to their home. We should respect it just as we want our neighbors to respect our home.

Thanks for reading this and please LET’S ALL SAVE THE GEESE!

Save our Geese
Canada goose in Prospect Park. brooklyn, New York City. 2011


2 thoughts on “Save the Geese

  1. Very nice.

    Considering that animals are abused, harassed and killed everywhere else, the one place we would like think wildlife “safe” would be our city parks.

    Obviously, that is not the case.

    Thanks for speaking out for the geese.

  2. Thank you for advocating kindness to the geese and other wildlife. You are a very kind soul. We need more people like you in the world. I hope your compassionate words water the seeds of compassion in others.

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