The 2nd Annual Night of the Arts Exhibition was great (VIDEOS)!

The 2nd Annual Night of the Arts Exhibition at the LGBT Center not only was a wonderful time of the year for people to come together but this also was a great opportunity to meet several artists that featured their artwork.

11/04/2011 - 2nd Annual Night of the Arts Exhibition. LGBT Center. New York City.

La noche de la 2da Edición anual de exposición de artes estuvo excelente.

About the artists:

Athena Reich:
Athena is an award winning singer/songwriter and actress. Most recently, Athena was selected to appear in Lady Gaga’s National Google Chrome Commercial, in which she appears as Lady Gaga, singing and playing the ukulele. Athena won Best Comedy at Canada’s YTV Achievement Awards (Judge Eugene Levy), Best Pop Song for “Love is Love” at MTV LOGO’s Outmusic Awards and her “Logical Song” music video was nominated for Video of the Year (Outmusic 2011). Her video “Love is Love” charted #1 on MTV LOGO.

Ryan Janek Wolowski:
Ryan is a well known photographer/videographer who works as an MTV Representative/Personality. He is founder and host of “Ryan Reporting” @ MNN Time Warner Television, Channel 67. Ryan’s work is extensive. In recent months, his photographs were featured at The Leslie Lohman Art Gallery in New York City on July 13, 2011 and he also was the main curator at The 18th Annual Original GLBT 2011 Expo in New York City.

Javier Soriano:
“Javier Soriano is an Indigenous/Native American photographer. His work has been published by the media and exhibited in Museums, galleries and art centers.
His photography is more than just an image. His photography speaks and he hopes, people will listen to its message.”

Timothy Bouldry:
Tim picked up a camera at age 19 and began a journey that flourished into a world of adventure, creativity, and awareness. After graduating from The Art Institute of Leslie College in Boston, MA, Timothy organized programs and scholarships to direct disadvantaged youths into summer photography classes. He also taught children and young adults documentary photography. Later, he moved to New York City to pursue his personal interest in becoming a freelance documentary and travel photographer. With his strong beliefs in karma, he became a yoga instructor and taught many classes to raise money to fund trips to Central and South America. After gaining recognition from his efforts he was able to have showings and collect donations from yoga students and photography followers. The money helped buy school supplies for a small school located in a junkyard in Managua, Nicaragua for one year. The project is called “La Chureca: Recycle to Survive.” It is a long-term commitment as he follows the lives and development of the families who grew up in trash site that is currently being renovated into a recycling factory. Timothy is currently up a an award that he took at La Chureca in Washington DC. The image will be displayed at World Bank, FotoDC Gallery, take a tour through various banks across America and will end at the United Nations in New York City.

She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
Ventiko’s photographic work has been shown in both group and solo shows in the United States and currently has work in L.A. at Joanne Artman Gallery.
Ventiko is an active member in Professional Women Photographer and is the creator of Aniamamus Art Salon, a curated traveling art salon that meets monthly in New York City.
Her work can be found in both public and private collections including The Kinsey Institute. Ventiko has repeatedly created multiple public installations for both Oranje of Indianapolis and Nightmare Haunted House of New York City and is currently working on a self assigned project involving found milk cartons.

There was a special Sign language presentation Music performance with Jeffrey Mooney and his Sign language Music Students.

Gallery is empty!

Sign language Music performance.

Sign language Music performance.

Athena Reich sings beautiful!

A short video of the 2nd Annual Night of the Arts Exhibition.