High School Students to Bloomberg: Do not close our schools (PHOTOS)!

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On Wednesday, February 1, 2012, HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS walked out of their classes and met at Union Square Park-14th Street. They said, the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has failed them and they need a citywide stand to let their voices be heard. They asked for every single student in New York City to come together and show their support. “Budget Cuts! Lack of Resources! How much more can we take? How much more can YOU take?” They asked.

High School students are not alone. Students from NYU and CUNY, teachers and parents came to support them. Bloomberg wants to close 25 high schools. This will affect students and teachers.

Students to "Mayor 13%" (NYC Mayor Bloomberg): Fix Our Schools, Don't Close Them!

According to the organizers, “after a decade of school closures and other Bloomberg school reforms, only 13% of Black and Latino students in NYC are graduating ready for college.

This year, nearly half of the schools that “Mayor 13%” is closing are new ones that were opened by his administration.

High School Legacy, one of the schools NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to close.

This year’s 9th graders were in kindergarten when Mayor 13% took over the NYC public school system. Yet only one in every three of these students met state standards in English Language Arts last year.

Schools with lots of low-income students, special education students or overage students are much more likely to get a D or an F on their report card and be slated for closure than more privileged schools.

Often, closed schools are replaced by schools that serve fewer special needs students. When the new schools serve the same number of special needs kids, their students tend to perform about the same as the closed school.”

A march from Union Square to High School Legacy. One of the schools Michael Bloomberg wants to close.

If you support High School students and teachers, join their Facebook page: Mayor 13% and tweet: #mayor13

There will be another ACTION on FEBRUARY 9TH. Department of Education. 3:30pm. Cross Brooklyn Bridge to PEP meeting at Brooklyn Tech, 29 Fort Greene Pl.

UPDATE: The Panel For Educational Policy voted to close 18 schools and eliminate the middle school grades at five others. They say, those schools had “poor performance.”

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