Is Union Square the new park occupation?

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UPDATED on 3/20/2012

Monday, March 19th, 2012. New York City – A OWS demonstrator posted on facebook, “several dozen OWS people have been camping on the north steps of Union Square for 3 days now.”

Concilmember Ydanis Rodriguez said on his Facebook page,

“I’m so proud of the hundreds of #OWS supporters already at Union Square, building the movement – Join them if you have time!”

Occupy demonstrators have been in the park’s plaza area on 14th St. since Saturday night after the NYPD illegally closed Liberty Plaza. By law, Zuccotti park must be open 24/7. Police officers arrested over 90 peaceful protesters, violating their First Amendment rights. The President of the NYC National Lawyers Guild, Gideon Oliver, told the Village Voice that the closure of the park and the arrest of demonstrators was illegal and unconstitutional.

3/18/2012. OWS demonstrators at Union Square, New York City.

On Sunday, March 18th Occupy protesters marched from Liberty Plaza to Union Square. There were people there already with a big banner of Occupy Wall Street.

“Mark” posted this message on his facebook page: “I just came from Union Square, where a new park occupation is getting started. Several dozen OWS people have been camping on the north steps for 3 days now. Union Square is the spot. As carly put it, bad teenagers, softie puerto rican pot dealers and kids drinking 40s plus greenmarket off the griders and the wacko micro green 1%ers… bring on the MAYHEM.

The occupation is real. They’ve got banners… dogs… the blue haired girl… and they are the real freak faction too… for some reason they’ve all taken their shirts off, so even the less crazy ones look totally crazy now…

Apparently the police tried to mess with them initially, but the city sanitation people refused to kick them out. It will be very difficult, I think for the cops to evict in that park, and even more difficult the more people they have there.

So the most important things people can do right now are:
1. Go to Union Square – just be there, bring a sleeping bag, bring food, bring fucking crazy banners and signs. We can help them by FILING THE FRONT OF THE PARK UP.
2. Order pizzas to the park for them. They asked for food and blankets, so people who can’t get down there, call Cafe Amore Pizza

3/20/2012 - Occupy Wall Street. Union Square, New York City. Photo by Jimmy Holovat.

Occupy Wall Street reports on their website, that “After the brutal attack on the attempted re-occupation of Liberty Square by NYPD on the 6-month anniversary of #OWS, a number of Occupiers have relocated their base of occupation to Union Square in midtown Manhattan, a point of convergence for several #OWS protests over the past 6 months.

Our ability to occupy the commons in order to voice dissent is a vital political right. We do not need a permit to exist in public space. We call on all those who would stand for equality, justice, and liberation – and against the banks, corporations, wealthy elites, and corrupt politicians who have stolen our democracy and ruined our economy – to join us now. Although our plans are flexible and constantly evolving, we want everyone with an interest in this movement against Wall Street greed to take part in the evolving conversation. Spring is coming. The time to get involved is now!

Union Square is accessible by the 14th St – Union Sq [N, Q, R, L, 4, 5, 6] subway stations. Protesters are Occupying on the south side of the park, on the concrete part by the steps. Check back here at Occupy Wall Street for updates! Of course, not everyone can camp – but please feel free to stop by at any point in the day to say hello and show your much-appreciated solidarity.

As long as there is injustice, as long as the country is divided between rich and poor, and as long as the 1% continues to exert control over our lives, we will not go away. We will continue to use public space to rebuild true democracy, create networks to support one another, provide services to those suffering from the economic crisis, and launch nonviolent disruption of inequality everywhere. We will defend those facing unfair foreclosures and loss of critical social services, and we will continue to call out the Wall Street bankers and corporate executives who are profiting from these atrocious policies!”

“NYPD: Squash us in one park, we will reappear in another! You cannot evict an idea whose time has come!”_OWS

On Tuesday, March 20th, Augusto Sandino, a 20-year-old protester from Brooklyn tlod the NY Daily News, “This is the fourth day we’re here. We’re planning to stay here.”

Sandino, who volunteers at the Occupy Wall Street Info Desk, said the group is not just planning to stay in Union Square Park, but actively trying to get more people to take up residence by using social media (facebook and twitter) and the website Occupy Wall Street.

“We’re starting from scratch right now,” Sandino said.

“We haven’t had a physical occupation since November 15th,” he added, referring to the date booted Occupy Wall Street from Zuccotti Park in an overnight raid.“

We’re hoping to have enough people so that [Union Square Park\] is at capacity,” he said.

Sandino said the group hopes to use the occupation as a launching point for upcoming events, including planned weekly marches down to Wall Street every Friday in March.

They are also trying to gain support for a general strike on May 1.

“We want to grow the occupation until the police start giving us problems,” he said. “So far they haven’t been telling us to leave.”

Peter Gabriel Biko Live 1986

“You can blow out a candle, But you can’t blow out a fire. Once the flames begin to catch, The wind will blow it higher.”_Peter Gabriel

3/18/2012. An Occupy Wall Street protester at Union Square, New York City with a poster of the General strike on May Day (May 1, 2012).

Is Union Square the new park occupation? What will they do if people occupy every park?

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