“Spring Awakening” of Occupy Wall Street in Central Park, NYC (PHOTOS/VIDEOS).

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Saturday, April 14th, 2012. New York City – The Occupy Wall Street protesters had what they called “Spring Awakening”. The day included Occupy style open space with tabling, teach-ins, food, music, and more! It also included a structured assembly for organizers from various organizations across the city to network and coordinate.

They said, it was a day to revitalize, strategize, and kick-off the spring with a major focus on openness to new-comers, invigorating local GAs, further developing inter-organizational relationships, celebrating, and together building power for the spring, summer, and beyond.

They talked about MAY DAY, Immigrant rights, war, LGBT issues, “Stop and frisk” and other topics.

The had a general assembly in the beautiful Central Park. This park is the biggest and the most visited of NYC. On Tuesday, April 17th, they will celebrate the 7 month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Asamblea general de Ocupa Wall Street en Central Park. Ciudad de Nueva York.

Sabado, 14 de Abril del 2012. Ciudad de Nueva York – Los manifestantes del Movimiento Ocupa Wall Street re reunieron en Central Park para prepararse para la Primavera, Verano y lo que viene. Tuvieron información, música, juegos, grupos de discusión, entre varias otras cosas.

Algunas de las cosas que hablaron fue sobre el 1 de Mayo, día de los trabajadores e inmigrantes, temas sobre la comunidad LGBT, derechos de los inmigrantes, temas relacionados a la policía (“Stop and Frisk”, brutalidad policíaca) en contra de la guerra, entre otras cosas.

Los ocupadores ( “Indignados” ) New Yorquinos celebraron su asamblea general en el hermoso Central Park. Este parque es el más grande y el más visitado de la ciudad. El Martes, 17 de Abril cumple 7 meses el Movimiento OWS.

Parents for Occupy with their children.

The following was the event’s statement of intent:

Because we are not a formally organized group, we cannot hold a permit as such. However, we are committed to uphold the sanctity of the commons, to maintain the cleanliness, safety, and beauty of our public spaces, to guard them from vandalism, to use them peaceably, and to share them lovingly with our fellow citizens. People in this space have come here to experience their fellow humans; to share discussions, stories, food, and experiences. People have come to reconnect to their New York City community in its magnificent public spaces. In solidarity we ask our neighbors and government officials to guarantee that our rights to freely associate and meet in public space is without discrimination and oppression of any kind. We hope this day will create a safe, peaceful, celebratory environment, accessible and welcoming to people of every age and background.

"Nosotros somos más (99%) que ellos (1%). Toma acción el Primero de Mayo. ¿Qué te inspira a actuar el Día International de los Trabajadores 2012?
Spring Awakening General Assembly in Central Park.
Spring Awakening General Assembly in Central Park.
Los manifestantes del Movimiento Ocupa Wall Street re reunieron en Central Park para prepararse para la Primavera, Verano y lo que viene. Tuvieron información, música, juegos, grupos de discusión, entre varias otras cosas.
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Video by JenNYC263. “OWS Spring Awakening with the Tax Dodgers!”

Video by marycamp. “Statue of Liberty in Central Park. NYC”

Video by JenNYC263. “OWS Spring Awakening. Another World is Possible.”

Video by KJDail. “Rob asks his lady Shaun to be his wife.”

Video by LordEreinionXXV. “Activists from ROC NY speaking about their Darden Restaurants campaign (Red Lobster, Capital Grille, et al). This activist works at Capital Grille on 42nd Street IIRC.” English and Español.
(Los manifestantes hablan sobre las condiciones en las que trabajan.)

Members from the following groups attended planning meetings: Women Occupying Wall Street (WOW), Direct Action Working Group (DAWG), Facilitation, OWS Immigrant Worker Justice, Outreach, Empowerment and Education, Occupy Brooklyn, New York Katrina Survivors Coalition, OWS Arts and Culture, Occupy Sunset Park, Occupy DOE, Occupy Sotheby’s, Occupy Wall St., Occupy the Empty Space, People of Color Caucus, UWA, West Harlem 99 Percent, OWS Info, Think Tank, UnitedNY, Occupy Town Square, Occupy the Bronx, Occupy Williamsburg, the People’s Puppets, Occupy Queens, Occupy Astoria, Movement Building, Community Voices Heard, NY Communities for Change, SEIU, Working Families Party, Visions & Goals, Occupy Broadway, Occupy Staten Island, Ant-Racist Allies, Parents Support OWS, Occupation 4 Organization, Green Party, Occupy Museum, Labor Outreach , InfoHub, and others.

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