I am Lolita. I need to be free. I want to go home!

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Friday, August 10th, 2012. New York City – On August 8th, 1970, Lolita and her family were swimming peacefully off the coast of Washington State, in route to a ritual gathering of the orca nations. Every year the orca pods of the northwest make the long pilgrimage to Possession Sound for the celebration. But for Lolita the day took a tragic turn. She and 11 other family members would never make it to this or any other family reunion again.

In Miami Florida at the SeaWorld Aquarium lives a very special orca; one with a remarkable will to survive. She is a 48-year-old performer named Lolita. And she is Celebrating 42 lonely years in the whale puddle.

I am Lolita. I need to be free! I want to go home! I am at the Miami Seaquarium. Please, do not buy a ticket to the Miami Seaquarium (my prison) in Florida.

While desperately trying to reach her child through the twisted nets, one mother drowned: one last glimpse of her infant being dragged away and she closed her blowhole and sank lifelessly into the murky water. Her body was later discovered by reporters.

Four youngsters also died in the assault. While charging the nets in final attempts to reach their mothers they drowned. But their deaths were kept from public eye.

“The sounds they made were what we really noticed. What you really felt were the cries of both the small ones and the adult ones. I remember one day I stopped close to them with my children and they kept saying, ‘Why are they crying? They’re crying.’ It just broke your heart, and you kept wanting them to let them go, quit harassing them.” ~Lila Snover

Since her brutal capture in 1970, she has been kept in a tank that is illegal by the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) standards for size requirements. Lolita is approximately 21 feet long and 7,000 pounds. Her tank is 20 feet deep at the deepest point and a mere 12 feet deep around the edges. The pool is only 35 feet wide. The Miami Seaquarium is considered to be one of the most dilapidated aquatic parks in the world. It is in need of major repairs, and per the Marine Mammal Inventory Report, has a substantial death rate for their animals.

Seven youngsters were caught in all; two went to Japan, one each to Texas, Australia, The UK, and France, and one 6-year-old female to Miami.

Miami Florida: the chic, glamour, and fashion capital of the southeast, the town that boasts a multi-billion-dollar tourism industry, adopted a brand new attraction on September 14, 1970.

3000 miles from home, the young female was unloaded and moved into her new permanent residence at the Miami Seaquarium. She was purchased for a mere $6000 to become the second captive killer whale on display on the east coast. Given a brand new identity, she became known as – Lolita, the Killer whale.

At the Seaquarium, Lolita was temporarily reunited with Hugo who was captured from the very same family just 2 years earlier. But he died of mysterious causes in 1980, leaving her alone. Now Lolita is the remaining survivor of the 58 whales kidnapped over the years from Puget Sound.

Imagine people kidnap your family members and they use them for entertainment. Please take a moment to watch “Lolita Slave to Entertainment”.
For more info, please visit MiamiSeaPrison.com/lolita.htm

According to SaveLolita.com, “In conjunction with Orca Network, we wish to see Lolita retired to a bay pen in her native waters off the coast of Washington State. There is a plan devised for her that would allow her to reside in a generously sized bay pen and be taken care of while slowly being re-acclimated to her natural waters. The plan is for her to get used to her natural surroundings while being able to interact with her family Southern Residents L-pod If she adapts well and chooses to do so, she may eventually be released to rejoin her pod. If for any reason she decides to return to the bay pen, she will be taken care of by humans for the rest of her life while still being able to live in a spacious, natural environment in close proximity to her wild relatives.”

Soy Lolita. ¡Necesito ser libre! ¡Quiero ir a mi casa! Por favor, no compres tickets para el Miami Seaquarium (mi prisión) en Florida.

Lolita es una ballena en el Seaquarium de Miami, Flrida desde 1970. Fue captura y llevada a ese tanque donde vive. Ella al igual que otros animales debe de ser libre, debe de vivir en su habitat natural.

No compres tickets para el Miami Seaquarium (su prisión). Pide a tus amigos que hagan lo mismo.

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Humans are not superior to dolphins, whales, elephants and other animals. Humans are just an animal like any other.
Humans don’t have the right to enslaved and keep in captivity other animals.
Don’t go to aquariums and zoos. Tell your friends to stop going to those prisons. Those animals must be free in their natural habitat.

“The key is to stop going to marine parks. That’s the only way for us ‘normal’ people to help those animals by not paying the parks anything. They belong in the wild and they live in every ocean of the world. You can see them in the wild by getting on a boat.”_harpy eagle

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