It’s winterland in Buffalo and The Niagara Falls, New York (PHOTOS/VIDEOS).

Sunday, December 30th, 2012. New York City – It’s winterland in Buffalo and The Niagara Falls. 12 inches of snow, it’s cold, it’s snowing, it’s wonderful!!!

The American falls. Niagara Falls State Park.

Las cataratas del Niágara (en inglés: Niagara Falls) son un pequeño grupo de cascadas situadas en el río Niágara en la zona oriental de América del Norte, en la frontera entre los Estados Unidos y Canadá.

Las raíces históricas de las cataratas del Niágara se encuentran en la glaciación de hace unos 12.000 años. Tanto la región de los Grandes Lagos de Norteamérica como el Río Niágara son efectos de esta glaciación continental. Fue un enorme glaciar que avanzó sobre el área oriental de Canadá como una gran excavadora moliendo rocas y suelo, removiéndolos y profundizando algunos canales de ríos hasta convertirlos en lagos. De esta manera, aquel pequeño río se convirtió en una las cataratas más conocidas del mundo.

The Liberty building and the Buffalo Metro Rail. Downtown Buffalo, New York.

The formation of the falls began at the end of the Ice Age. Large torrents of water were released from the melting ice, draining into what is now the Niagara River. Some 12,000 years ago, the water plunged over the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, a cliff at what is now Lewiston, New York.

Native Americans living in the Niagara region were most likely the first people to behold the power of Niagara Falls. The first European to document the area was a French priest, Father Louis Hennepin. During a 1678 expedition, he was overwhelmed by the size and significance of Niagara Falls. When he returned to France, Hennepin published an account of his travels in “A New Discovery.” The book brought Niagara Falls to the attention of the western world for the first time and inspired further exploration of the region.

Statue of a Native-American at the Niagara Falls State Park.

The Niagara Falls State Park is the oldest state park in the U.S.A., established in 1885 as the Niagara Reservation, the first of several such reservations that eventually became the cornerstones to the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape architect of Niagara Falls State Park, also designed Central Park in New York City.

Every night of the year at dusk, colored spotlights illuminate Niagara’s Horseshoe and American falls.
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Niagara Falls, NY – Cataratas del Niágara, Nueva York.

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