Street artists in New York City (PHOTOS/VIDEOS).

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Friday, April 26, 2013. New York City – I saw these street artists on 4/21/2013. They were at 59th Street/Central Park South. This is the portion of 59th Street that forms the southern border of Central Park in the borough of Manhattan in NYC.

Street Artists. Central Park South, New York City.

According to The Street Performers Advocacy Project, “As long as there have been streets, there have been street performers. In ancient Egypt and Greece, people entertained and passed the hat for donations. During the Middle Ages in Europe, troubadours were the personal street performers of the aristocrats, while minstrels and jongleurs brought joy to the general public.

In colonial America, twelve-year-old Benjamin Franklin sang on the streets of Philadelphia! At the turn of the century, immigrants helped to make street performing popular in New York. There were German marching bands and Italian organ grinders—”hurdy gurdies”—who serenaded women below their tenement windows. During the Great Depression, banjo players set up on subway and elevated platforms.

Street artists. 59th Street/Central Park South. NYC.

The Street Performers’ Advocacy Project was formed in 1996 as a coalition of musicians and activists who were united in their belief that street and subway performers make a valuable contribution to this city. They decided that a guide would advance their goal of encouraging spontaneous expression and a sense of community whenever and wherever possible. In the same spirit, we have revised the guide to reflect more recent court rulings and current government policies.”

Know Your Rights! A Guide for Subway Musicians & Other Performers.

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More Street artists photos and videos.

Other street artists

Street dancers on the Q train.

Subway performers on the Q line. Conga – Gloria Estefan.

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