“We are in a state of emergency,” say Trans women (PHOTOS/VIDEOS).

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015. New York City – Yesterday, Tuesday, August 25, a group of activist gathered at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, “to collectively mourn and speak out against the extreme violence that our Black trans and gender non conforming women, girls & femmes face on a daily basis. With five trans* women that we know of being killed in the past week alone, we recognize that we are in a state of emergency and that the time to speak our grief, rage and love to power is now!,” they said on Facebook.

They added, “The Black Liberation Movement is not a movement until it steps up to demand the freedom of us all. As long as Black femme lives continue to be under attack, we will continue to stand up and fight back. And until all of us are free, we continue to proclaim and demand that #BlackTransLivesMatter!!”

Some of the speeches will be use for the documentary about Phoenix Nastasha Russell. Phoenix is a Black Trans woman living in New York City.

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18 Trans women of color have been murdered in the US in 2015. The 18 deaths exceeds the total number of trans women of color killed in the US in 2014.

These are their names

Papi Edwards, 20
Lamia Beard, 30
Ty Underwood, 24
Yazmin Vash Payne, 33
Taja Gabrielle DeJesus, 36
Penny Proud, 21
Kristina Grant Infiniti, 46
London Chanel, 21
Mercedes Williamson, 17
Ashton O’Hara, 25
Amber Monroe, 20
India Clarke, 25
K.C. Haggard, 66
Shade Schuler, 22
Kandis Capri, 35
Elisha Walker, 20
Tamara Dominguez, 36
Jasmine Collins, 32

Yesterday was #TransLiberationTuesday or #BlackTransLivesMatter Day Of Action according to some people.

The event was organized by BYP100’s NYC Chapter, Black Lives Matter: NYC & FIERCE.

Preston Mitchum Aaron Goggans and Quinn Rallins, say in the Op-ed: All Men Must Remember Their Sisters on #TransLiberationTuesday, “The violence committed on black trans women is perpetuated by a culture of transphobia that is deeply woven in our culture. It’s been sewn together by our fathers and uncles, who learned from their fathers and uncles. It’s stitched together by each song, lyric, and inherited slur that we spew without the slightest idea of the meaning or implications. And because of this verbal abuse, the same trans women who are on the front lines fighting for black liberation have to fight for their own safety within black communities. The movement cannot move an inch past the chains we have placed on trans women.”

They add, “When we hear “#BlackLivesMatter,” we must remember all black women — cis, genderqueer, and trans — are included. It is nonsensical to expect someone to protest for you when you won’t even recognize her existence. Black trans women are part of the reason that movement has proven resilient, flexible, and powerful. We must take their example of collaborative solidarity. Cis black men, we must do better.”

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Videos coming soon.

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