Bernie supporters share why they are #BernieOrBust (VIDEOS).

Thursday, June 9th, 2016. New York City – Bernie Sanders supporters share why they are #BernieOrBust.

Washington, D.C. has closed primaries — D.C. residents must register as a Democrat to vote for Bernie!
The primary in Washington D.C. is on Tuesday, June 14, 2016.
Vote for the political revolution. Vote for Bernie. #FeelTheBern!

The Struggle Continues | Bernie Sanders.

“We must always remember that change almost never happens from the top down, it happens from the bottom up. We are in this TOGETHER.”_Bernie Sanders on Tuesday, June 7, 2016.

The primary in Washington D.C. is on Tuesday, June 14, 2016.

Can you #PhoneBankForBernie
Call voters in Washington D.C. from your own home:

#CanvassForBernie #VolunteerForBernie:

“The reason THIS voter is #BernieOrBust. Stop thinking that Sanders supporters are silly children who are ignorant of politics.

Many of us know more of the history of the Clinton legacy than her supporters, and the DNC, would like to admit.

Our experiences MATTER.”

There are #MarchForBernie in Philadelphia in July, 2016.

#MarchForBernie in Philadelphia on July 24, 2016. #MarchOnDNC

#MarchForBernie in Philadelphia on July 25, 2016. #MarchOnDNC

WATCH and SHARE this video for listing of events being planned in Philly.

City approves four massive pro-Bernie Sanders rallies during DNC.
“Thousands are planning on protesting the Democratic National Convention. NBC10’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas spent time with groups who plan to rally for Bernie Sanders to become the Democratic nominee.”

Meet the organizers behind planned protests at Philly DNC in July.
“If super delegates end up deciding the nomination for Clinton — hundreds already have pledged their votes to the former secretary of state, which has contributed to her overall delegate lead — protesters are vowing a public mass exodus from the Democratic Party.”

Some Bernie supporters say, more than 100 thousand Sanders supporters will gather in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to support Bernie.

MORE videos coming soon!

Bernie Sanders supporters share why they are #BernieOrBust.
We are going to Philadelphia in July 2016.

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