Parranda to FREE Oscar López Rivera (PHOTOS/VIDEOS).

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Sunday, December 25th, 2016. New York City – A group of Puerto Ricans and their allies gathered today in Times Square to tell Obama, Free Oscar López Rivera NOW!

On December 13, 2016, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter wrote to President Barack Obama to ask for Oscar’s release. Earlier in December, 108,413 people signed a White House petition for his release.

Call, tweet and email the White House and Obama:

Call 202-456-1111 or email:

Tweet: @POTUS @BarackObama #FreeOscarLopez

Click here to download, print, and sing the Aguinaldos Navideños Para Oscar at your own holiday events.

Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera has served more than 35 years in prison, convicted of seditious conspiracy for his commitment to the independence of Puerto Rico, though he was not accused or convicted of causing harm or taking a life.

Serving a sentence of 70 years, he is among the longest held political prisoners in the history of Puerto Rico and in the world. No other country keeps its political prisoners behind bars for as many decades as does the United States.

Born in 1943 in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico, at age 14 he moved to Chicago, as part of “Operation Bootstrap,” a mass migration of Puerto Ricans to U.S. cities in search of work. He quickly learned English and helped his Spanish-speaking neighbors. Graduating from high school and entering college, he soon had to abandon his studies to help support his family.

Like many young Puerto Rican men, he was drafted into the U.S. Army and sent to Vietnam. It was there that he began to understand his identity as a Puerto Rican, seeing other Puerto Rican soldiers with Puerto Rican flags on their helmets and talking about independence and self-determination for Puerto Rico. He began to see that he had more in common with the Vietnamese people, fighting for their own independence and self-determination, than he had with the U.S. armed forces. He was decorated with the Bronze Star for his courage and valor.


Domingo, 25 de Diciembre, 2016. Ciudad de Nueva York – Un grupo de puertorriqueñas y puertorriqueños y sus aliados se reunieron hoy en Times Square para pedir a Obama la libertad de Oscar López Rivera.

El prisionero político puertorriqueño Oscar López Rivera ha cumplido más de 35 años en prisión, condenado por conspiración sediciosa por su compromiso con la independencia de Puerto Rico, aunque no fue acusado ni condenado por causar daño o por matar.

Sirviendo una condena de 70 años, está entre los presos políticos con más años en la historia de Puerto Rico y en el mundo. Ningún otro país mantiene a sus prisioneros políticos encarcelados por tantas décadas como los Estados Unidos de America.

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25/12/2016 Ciudad de Nueva York - Parranda para pedir a Obama la libertad de Oscar López Rivera.  Photo by Javier Soriano/
25/12/2016 Ciudad de Nueva York – Parranda para pedir a Obama la libertad del prisionero político puertorriqueño Oscar López Rivera.
Photo by Javier Soriano/

35 Mujeres NYC Parranda Navideña to Free Oscar López Rivera!
“On Sunday, December 25, 2016, the 35 Mujeres NYC collective held a special Parranda Navideña in Times Square to call for the release of Oscar López Rivera, the longest held Puerto Rican political prisoner.

35 Mujeres NYC invited local musicians to join them in singing alternative lyrics to traditional aguinaldos navideños and popular U.S. holiday songs calling upon President Obama in his remaining days in office to exercise his Constitutional power of pardon, and to grant immediate and unconditional release to Oscar.”_VirtualBoricua

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