Hands around the lake. Prospect Park. Brooklyn, NYC.

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On Saturday, March 26, 2011, community residents, New York State Senator Eric Adams, New York City Council Member Letitia James and pro-animal right activists convened a ‘Hands Around the Lake’ rally to demand Mayor Bloomberg to stop the killing of our Canada Geese in Prospect Park.

(Manos alrededor del parque) para apoyar/protejer a las gansos canadienses. Nueva York. 3-26-1011.

In July of 2010, nearly 400 geese and goslings were captured, gassed and thrown into trash bags.

Senator Adams stated, “When the slaughter of innocent geese and goslings occurred in July of last year, I was both horrified and angered. I was dismayed by the manner in which these majestic creatures were killed. I am pleased to be in attendance at today’s ‘Hands Around the Lake’ event to send a clear signal to those responsible for last year’s massacre that the annihilation of innocent and defenseless wildlife will not be tolerated.”

“It’s arrogant for humans to believe this planet was made just for humans,” Adams said, prompting a spirited, “that’s right!” and “yes!” from the crowd. “These birds give us more than what we give them; we have an obligation and a responsibility to protect them.”

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A 11 years old Orlando said “geese don’t produce carbon gas, they don’t need GPS to navigate and Mayor Bloomberg should use the money he is using to kill geese on things we need like better schools and hospitals.”

Councilwoman Letitia James (D–Fort Greene) confessed the squawkers were her only friends when she was “a cross-eyed, ugly duckling” child. This is her facebook page

“We’re here to send the message to Mayor Bloomberg: Stop the slaughter of New York City’s geese,” said rally organizer Mary Beth Artz, who encouraged participants to flood the mayor’s Facebook and NYC Mayor Office and Bloomberg account on Twitter pages with comments.

Flatbush resident Jake Gold said: “Geese are part of this community. A giant killing of them is just messed up.”

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