4th Annual Indigenous Day of Remembrance. “Honoring our Indigenous Ancestors”

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4to Dia Anual de Recordatorio de los Indigenas. “Honrando a nuestros antepasados Indigenas.”

Hoy fue un día muy especial. Se realizó una ceremonia sagrada en Central Park para recordar a los Indigenas del Continente Americano.

Dicen Cristóbal Colón descubrió este continente. Descubrir es: Manifestar lo que estaba oculto o destapar lo que estaba tapado. Hallar lo que estaba ignorado.

El Continente Americano no estaba ignorado, oculto o tapado. Descubrir por ejemplo una isla, es ser el primero en pisar esa isla. En “América” habían miles de personas que la habitaban.

Usualmente la gente habla de los esclavos negros y no mencionan a los esclavos Indigenas. Colón fue el primero que los hizó esclavos.

Muchos de ellos fueron asesinados por los invasores Europeos. Los Españoles, Ingleses y otros que vinieron de Europa, quisieron exterminarlos, sin embargo no lo lograron y hoy, siguen aquí.

Todo estaba bien hasta que una mujer blanca racista llegó y se metió al circulo de oración. La policía quería sacarla, sin embargo ella decía que las personas no tenían derecho a estar ahí. Le dijeron que se tenía un permiso que la ciudad otorgó al grupo. Ella exijió ver el permiso. Cuando se le mostró el documento, molesta salió del circulo.

Cristóbal Colón invadió el continente Americano. Ahora le celebran su día y le han hecho muchas estatuas. Bush invadió Irak. ¿Cuándo empezarán a celebrar el día de Bush y a hacerle estatuas, también?

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Message from one of the organizers, Luis Ramos:

“My relatives, peace be with you all. For those that attended or send positive vibes to us, thank you for making the 4th Annual Indigenous Day of remembrance an amazing event. The event was to honor the ancestors and yes we did. I sensed that a lot of people were very happy experiencing the energy of the event and enjoying each others company; a true inter-tribal flavor.

Special thanks to Rodney who always believed and Kolibri for the page set up and spreading the news. Roman and Gabriel–thanks for the PA system and passion for the people. Chief Anthony Van Dunk you saved the day with your generous offering of the generator. You are truly a respected leader in my book. I will follow you to battle any day of the week! Super thanks to my friend and Filipino representative, Jason Ruedas. He found an indigenous artist to create the logo and posters and cover the expenses. He was took amazing shots that will be posted ASAP.

Awesome thanks to all the indigenous presenters and groups who shared their knowledge, passion, talents, and love for the indigenous community. I will provide a list later of the presenters. Spiritual hug goes to Miguel Sague for his humility and passion for the people. Thanks for leading us in prayer. I also would like to thank Dee Doval for your smudging powers! Senora Esperanza was truly a blessing for sharing Itiba Cahubaba Cemi.

I would like to make a public apology to Taina Brooklyn Poet. I was going to use her toward the end of the event but because we ran overtime she could not stay. I am so sorry we were unable to hear a true modern storyteller/poet in our indigenous community. In addition, another apology to Dennis Van Putten, Champion Dancer. A true role model to the community was unable to speak due to scheduling issues as well.

There was an elderly man who dances and enjoyed the day with us. He name is Dominic Anthony Zollo. He grew weak when the event was over. Thanks to Gabriel and the several Taino nurses in attendance, he was able to regain some strength and is presently at Roosevelt Hospital. I was unable to reach him today since he was moved several times. I will be visiting tomorrow if anyone would like to join up.

Let us send out positive vibes and prayers to the woman who felt threatened by our celebration. She definitely brought out the wounded DNA in our hearts but we stood tall and the drum kept playing and we danced and danced. We have a right to exist and we are here alive and well!

To the Guest Speakers and Performers: May Creator continue to bless you all for your gifts and talents.

1) Miguel Sague, Taino de Cubanacan: Spiritual Leader and Healer
2) Roberto Mukaro Barrero, Boricua Taino: President of United Confederation of the Taino People; Cacike of Iukaieke Guania
3) Chief Regla Winterflower Gibson, Lenape: North Eastern Native American Association
4) Chief Anthony Van Dunk, Lenape
5) Chief Awolowo of the Ogboni Society, Nigeria
6) Moi Enomenga: Huaorani Warrior Society/Activist from the Ecuadorian Amazon
7) Nicolas Chango, Indigenous SALASACA Inka of Ecuador Tawaintinsuyu
8) Lonnie Harrington: Seminole, Drummer, Storyteller
9) Irka Mateo, Kiskeya Taino, Musician
10) Taina Brooklyn Poet, Boricua Taino, Poet
11) Dennis Van Putten, Pequot, Setalcott, Champion Native American Dancer
12) Luz Emma Canas Madrigal, Leader of the Indigenous Day of Remembrance Inter-tribal Capoeira community(various Capoeira communities were united thanks to the efforts of Luz!) Special thanks for a dear friend Penelope Duda for spreading the word. Your the best Penny!
13) Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis: Nga Gabon/Bwiti Spiritual Leader(Special thanks to the Bwiti sisters and brothers in attendance)
14) Alex Zacarias, Taino, Film Maker (Special thanks for flying in and documenting the event)
15) Occupy Wall St. Indigenous Community and friends who marched 5 miles with drum and passion from Liberty St. Many did not complete the march but the sisters and brothers who arrived were amazing! Great inter-tribal song!
16) Representatives from the American Indian Movement
17) Raphael Landron, Taino, Professor and Author.
18) Akitchitay, Taino, Cherokee Tribal Chief and Activist
19) Jason Ruedas, Filipino, Photographer, Sponsor of Posters and Logo
20) Marion Carrion Ruiz, Quechua, Official Indigenous Day of Remembrance Artist
21) Colorado Sisters, Mexica
22) Mexica Dancers (Misplaced Official name!) Please someone fill in the name. Inaru help!
23) Peace and Dignity Runners (Boriken)
24) Jason Delgado- Donation of Microphones
25) All the Tribes and Clans who came out to represent.

I would like to thank Firebird Graywolf for reaching out to the various Native communities and organizations. Due to her efforts, there were amazing Native American Men and Women who were present at the event representing various First Nations such as Puma, Seminole/Cherokee; Cherokee Rose, Cherokee; Pat Paw Paw, Carnasie Indian; Tina Johnson CEO of the Cherokee Language Circle Inc.; Cherokee Language Circle members (Men and Women); Blue Feather, Cherokee; ; Hanes Second Sons (Women and Men), and Dr. Professor Laurence Waldron of Saint John’s Universityum Group members.

*Special thanks to the Indigenous Day of Remembrance Familia:
Cacike Roman Guaraguarix Perez, Maisiti Iukaiuke
Kolibri Carillo Plain Bull, Taino Clan Mother
Vanessa Inaru Pastrano, Taino (Bohio Atabei)
Rodney Guatu’shina Rivera, Taino,

Thanks to everyone who came out to make it a beautiful day. Super great thanks to the Creator, The Earth Mother, and the Ancestors who passed down the traditions and gave up their lives so we may live and celebrate. They are with us every step of the way until we all meet at the great council fire!”

More info on their website: Indigenous Day of Remembrance.

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