Carlos Menchaca for New York City Mayor.

Thursday, October 15, 2020. New York City – Carlos Menchaca is a Brooklyn City Council Member. Menchaca is the only Mexican-American politician in the state of New York. Carlos is the only LGBTQ mayoral candidate.

On Friday, October 9, 2020, Carlos Menchaca said on his Twitter account @cmenchaca, “Amigos: These past months I’ve been thinking a lot about our City and how we could do better, we must do better. Nothing is official…will share news soon. #brighterdays”

On Tuesday, October 13, 2020, was the Jim Owles forum, which represented the first-ever gathering of 2021 mayoral candidates. The virtual forum was hosted by the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club.

Carlos Menchaca said during the mayoral forum that he supports full sex work decriminalization (oppose the Nordic model), supports the elimination of the NYPD’s vice squad, he said the NYPD commissioner should require confirmation by the City Council, he supports defunding the police, promised not to take donations from law enforcement unions, pledged not to take donations from individuals associated with real estate, he would not keep Dermot Shea as Police Commissioner if he is elected mayor, he would be in favor of removing the Columbus statue from Columbus Circle in Manhattan, he supports requiring all New York City apartment buildings to allow cats and dogs to be kept as pets by tenants, he would return the CUNY system to being tuition-free for New York City residents, he will not seek an endorsement from outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio.

If Carlos Menchaca is elected, he would be the first Latino mayor of New York City. He would also be the first openly gay mayor. Carlos has yet to officially launch his campaign.

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Green Party candidate for President, Howie Hawkins and Green Party candidate for Vice President, Angela Walker, also support sex work discrimination.

Howie Hawkins says on, “I favor decriminalization closer to the New Zealand model in practice there since 2003. The New Zealand law does not criminalize consenting adults on either side of the transaction.

Anti-trafficking enforcement is part of the New Zealand model. Decriminalization of commercial sex work frees law enforcement resources for law enforcement against human trafficking that uses force, fraud, or coercion to obtain labor for commercial sex acts.

Amnesty International, ACLU, Human Rights Watch, and WHO, among many other civil liberties and public health organizations, favor decriminalization based on the New Zealand model.

I favor decriminalization, not legalization. Legalization has effectively re-criminalized sex work through regulations, as has been the experience in Nevada and European countries with legalized prostitution.”

Click the link to read more:

Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker also support defunding the police and community control of the police. Click the link for more information:

Howie Hawkins is the Green Party candidate for President in 2020. Angela Walker is the Green Party candidate for Vice President in 2020.
Howie Hawkins is the Green Party candidate for President in 2020. Angela Walker is the Green Party candidate for Vice President in 2020.

The Democratic and Republican primaries for New York City mayor will take place on Tuesday, June 22, 2021. The 2021 New York City mayoral general election will be held on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

Matt Tracy writes on, “the NYPD’s vice squad, which purports to fight human trafficking and quality of life issues but has been ripped by advocates and lawmakers alike who have charged that the unit is a hotbed of corruption and harasses sex workers, as well as having a history of entrapping or framing gay men in adult establishments and elsewhere.

One of the most disturbing stories tied to that squad emerged in November of 2017 when a woman named Yang Song fell to her death from a window when vice offers were chasing her. Song had informed her family that she was sexually assaulted by an undercover cop and her family said they were afraid Song died as part of “a retaliation from the police and they forced her to die,” according to The Appeal.

A decade ago, Gay City News broke a series of stories about gay men who met undercover vice cops in adult video stores and made plans to leave for consensual sexual encounters only to have police charge they were soliciting sex for pay. In time other media outlets picked the story up, convictions based on those arrests were voided, and the Bloomberg administration repudiated the tactic. No officers were held responsible for the false arrests, however.”

Andrew Millman writes on, ““The covid pandemic has really given us an opportunity to think about how we restructure this city,” Menchaca said. He criticized wealthy New Yorkers for leaving the city during the worst of the pandemic, while essential workers “stayed and are rebuilding.”Asked about increasing taxes on the wealthy, Menchaca said “we gotta do that” and that “the Council has been trying to figure this out but we need a willing partner. I will be that.”

Menchaca, who was one of only nine Council members to vote against this year’s budget because they believed it did not sufficiently reduce the NYPD budget, linked the issue to the rest of the budget. When asked about CUNY tuition, he said, “this is about prioritizing our city budget” and “this is why the defund [the NYPD] movement was so important.””

The forum also touched on other issues, including zoning, affordable housing, homelessness, and if they believe the NYPD commissioner should require confirmation by the City Council, etc.

Menchaca supported Cynthia Nixon for governor in 2018.

The other candidates were: Maya Wiley, Scott Stringer, Eric Adams, Kathryn Garcia, Dianne Morales and Shaun Donovan.

Out gay City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, delivered opening remarks. “Many New Yorkers are going to immediately turn toward the Democratic primary in June of 2021 and even though I am no longer a candidate for mayor, I am paying deep interest to this race. We defeat our racist criminal president and send him packing and hopefully we get a Democratic Senate and expand our majority in House,” Johnson said.

The Democratic club did not invite Republican mayoral candidates to the forum.

On Saturday, June 13, 2015, Brooklyn celebrated its LGBTQ community with a parade. Some of those who marched were NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, Public Advocate for NYC Letitia James, New York City Council Member Carlos Menchaca, New York City Council Member Corey Johnson, New York City Council Member Daniel Dromm, and others. Photo by Javier Soriano/
6/13/2015 NYC – Brooklyn PRIDE Parade. Council Member Carlos Menchaca. Photo by Javier Soriano/

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